1943 Editorial: the Imperial Way embraces the “freedom” of democracy, the “unity and authority” of Mussolini’s Fascism, and the “ethnic totalitarian world view” of Hitler’s Nazism, achieving a “complete and active freedom” by obeying the authority of the Japanese God-Man


Gyeongseong Ilbo (Keijo Nippo) February 27, 1943

The True Meaning of National Identity and the Righteous Peninsula (6)

Sawaichiro Kamata
Manifestation of the Great Harmonic Order of the Universe
The Mission of the Japanese People is to Support the Work of Heaven

As I have described previously, under objective circumstances, the Japanese people have come to realize how precious is the land on which they stand. In other words, the struggle against the historical environment that we are currently facing has gradually promoted this awareness.

I have come to realize that by thinking distantly back to the days of the founding of the Imperial State and recalling its majesty and lofty ideals, we as the Japanese people living in this turbulent present world can be inspired with new hope and unyielding courage.

Mussolini’s Fascism and Hitler’s Nazism share a marked backwardness in the face of our imperial principles and a general sense of “unity” and “integration”. Although there are significant commonalities that we share with the two, their fundamental essences are completely different, and I have come to realize that these differences are far more extensive and far greater than previously thought. Indeed, the Nazis have followed Japan’s example and made great strides. As Hitler often said, “Japan’s national identity and the Japanese spirit” are the object of admiration even among Germans, and Barnes, the author of The Universal Aspects of Fascism, said, “Japan is the ideal country of fascism”. The fact that Mussolini envies the purity of the Japanese nation is, I think, a confirmation of this fact.

Whatever they observe, our country is neither a mere ethnic totalitarian state nor a dictatorship. It is an absolute state where the people are united as one, where the moral and biological relationship between parent and child, bound by blood, is deepened and refined, and where the relationship between the Emperor and his subjects is revered to the point of virtue. The Emperor, as the Great Parent, embodies the life of the universe, and wishes to perfect the natural qualities of each of the people, so that they may all attain those qualities. The people of this nation are united in the spirit of a billion trillions, and support the emperor in his empire of heavenly deeds. The heavenly work is to complete our country as a true “family nation,” to indoctrinate and guide the people, who are suffering from the afflictions of the weak and the strong, to help them build a “world family” internally, and to manifest the great harmonious order of the universe.

Moreover, the only creed of democracy, “freedom,” the “unity and authority” of Fascism, and the “ethnic totalitarian world view” of Nazism are all embraced in our Imperial Way with positive significance. In other words, in the Imperial Way, power and freedom are completely integrated through the Emperor’s authority, forming an ideal political form unparalleled in the world. It is a complete and active freedom to return to and obey the authority of His Majesty the Emperor, the God of Man, through loyalty. In addition, we do not need to explain now that a unified national community with a parent-child relationship with the present God is superior to any kind of totalitarianism.

I have already mentioned that the nature of Shinshu is the mother of the Japanese nation, which has been in existence for 3,000 years. We must clearly recognize the true Japanese spirit through the “life” that our ancestors lived in the midst of this great nature. In other words, this worldview is a daily consciousness in direct and immediate relation to one’s own living position, and as long as this is the case, the worldview must be defined by the mode of existence of life as its foundation. In other words, the self-reflection and self-awareness of the life of the nation must form the basis of the worldview of the Japanese nation.

In general, the structure of human life is determined by both nature and history, which are given to us. Needless to say, nature is the natural mother that makes human existence possible. Human beings can survive by maintaining a continuous and constant negotiation with it. However, as the natural and climatic conditions vary from one place to another, the structural form of life nurtured therein also changes. The worldview cannot be unrelated to or unaffected by this. This is why it is said that blood and soil are the inevitable constraints on the worldview. However, it is natural that the Germanic peoples have a Germanic worldview and the Japanese peoples have a Japanese worldview. The worldview as an expression of the life of a particular nation must be placed in a close and inseparable relationship with the nation that adheres to it.

The Greek worldview, the Indian worldview, the Chinese worldview, etc., all have their own peculiarities, and their characteristics clearly express and reflect their ethnic and racial characteristics. The Greeks are said to be subjectivist, the Indians meditative and religious, and the Chinese willful and logical. Certain wordviews have been established in accordance with these unique ethnicities. In Greece, an intellectual theoretical character was created; in India, a Buddhism with a meditative character was materialized; and in China, a practical logic with a subjective initiative as represented by Confucianism was presented. In other words, it is an expression of the unique essence of the nation, its spatial definition, and its historical destiny, based on the motivation to live that is the bond between nature and the ethnic nation.

Thus, the Japanese view of the world has also been concretely expressed in various aspects of life, showing the essential connection between blood, soil, and history. And in each of these aspects of life, distinctive demands have been submitted.

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