Korean schoolgirls in 1943 mending military uniforms almost nonstop with minimal breaks from 8:30a to 4p as Imperial Japanese soldiers loom over watching



Gyeongseong Ilbo (Keijo Nippo) July 19, 1943

A heart of sincerity in every stitch

Repairing military uniforms at Gyeseong Academy

In their fiery training, the military maidens sewed damaged military uniforms with sincerity in every stitch. Under the guidance of Principal Sanshū and teachers Aikawa and Minami, fifty students from the Home Economics department and the Research department of Seoul Gyeseong Women’s Academy have been working from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the school’s workshop since July 18th mending piles of military uniforms. The maidens, sparing little time to eat, were covered in holy dust, and their needle points pulsed with gratitude saying ‘thank you soldiers!’ as they carefully applied cloth to the tears that told of the hidden military accomplishments of the soldiers. The hands that held the needles and the feet that operated the sewing machines were also filled with energy. The soldiers who came to instruct them were also grateful for the enthusiasm with which they made progress on the first day. This mending service will continue until the end of the 21st, sacrificing two days of summer vacation. Photo: Repairing military uniforms at Gyeseong Academy.


Gyeongseong Ilbo (Keijo Nippo) March 13, 1943

Mending military uniforms

“Let’s give thanks to the soldiers who protect our country,” said the courageous maidens, expressing their gratitude on the home front and dedicating themselves in sweat to their labor service, their gratitude wrapped in pure white work clothes. “When it comes to mending military clothes, we can handle it”, insisted the maidens. Here at Baewha Girls’ High School, under the guidance of sewing instructors Shimizu and Yoshihiro, they have been at work since March 10th meticulously repairing the military uniforms that have been in the line of fire. Without a second thought, and with sincere gratitude, they are sewing up the tears and reattaching the buttons to give new life to complete military uniforms. The girls said, “When we think of the soldiers who wear these military uniforms that we mended going to the front lines, our hearts dance and our fingertips tremble with joy as we hold our needles.” (Photo: Maidens mending military uniforms)


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