In 1942 Busan, Korean pastors and foreign residents (Russian Tatar family, English woman, Chinese consul) praise Imperial Japan as British POWs captured in Malaysia start arriving in the city


Gyeongseong Ilbo (Keijo Nippo) September 24, 1942

People on the ground asked about the captured prisoners of war landing on the peninsula

By Oyama (Korean surname: ‘In’) and Suyama, correspondents at Busan

Prisoners of war are coming, prisoners of war are coming! Prisoners of war who were captured in Malaysia have come to Korea in big ships. The British soldiers were once seen together in the midst of war, but on the 24th, [redacted] prisoners of war are to land in Busan, vividly showing the war achievements of the Imperial Military. Hearing the announcement of the Korean army, the 24 million people on the peninsula were filled with gratitude and excitement that they had been born in the Imperial Kingdom on this day and at this time. We would like to ask each of the 280,000 residents of Busan Prefecture, who are now looking at the crumbling remains of the British Empire with their own eyes, striving to complete the Greater East Asia War and learn wisdom from the follies of others, to give thanks for the announcement made today.

“Don’t be arrogant after victory”

Shin’ichi Yamashita, Prefectural Governor of Busan

We have to win the war. The British prisoners of war who were defeated in the war also took up their swords for the sake of their country, but in the end they spared their own lives and exposed their own shame. The final decision and attitude of a person, not just a warrior, is important. I felt deeply that the saying in Hagakure’s Analects, “A warrior must find it in himself to die,” was true in all cases. It is only natural that they should be punished for their selfishness and injustice in East Asia before the war. No matter what kind of nation you are, you should never get carried away. Winning and not being arrogant about it is the essence of the Japanese spirit. Japan, as a victorious nation, must not make the same mistake that Britain, the home country of these prisoners of war, made. Photo: Yamashita, Prefectural Governor of Busan

The Joy of Living in Japan

A pro-Japanese White Russian family

By correspondent Takahashi

Mr. Baigudin Gusman (45), who has lived in Japan for 21 years and now runs a clothing business in Okura-machi 3-chome, Busan, has a very pro-Japanese family. He is a Turkish Tatar with the same red blood of the Orient running through his veins as ours. Mr. Gusman praised the greatness of Japan as follows.

“I think it is a natural judgment of God that the U.S. and Britain, which did not realize Japan’s fundamental strength and underestimated its economic power, were defeated without a moment’s hesitation and came ashore as pitiful prisoners of war. We are observing the one month Muslim fast since the eleventh day of this month in order to express our gratitude for the happiness of living peacefully and without inconvenience as residents under the grateful patronage of Japan. During this period, we will pray to God for the completion of the Greater East Asia War. On the day the fast ends, we will donate the living expenses we have saved during this period to the National Defense Fund and offer a small token of our gratitude”. Photo: Mr. Gusman and his family

Mr. Bunkichi Sakata, a member of the Gyeongnam Provincial Council

The destruction of the Anglo-Saxon race is a self-inflicted wound. In contrast to their misjudgment of Japan’s capabilities before the war, our country is well aware of the other side and is steadily making giant strides in building a new world order. We the gun-toting people must strengthen our determination to work together and be ready for tomorrow.

Comments by Reverend Minister Elder Yang 

“In all my dealings with the British and the Americans over the past few decades, they have never expressed their own faults or regretted them. I think it is because of their greed and contempt for East Asians. That is why they pretend to be sheep on the surface, but when you look deeper, you see that they are always two sides of the same coin. Although they are people who believe in Jehovah God, they have been using the natural resources and man-made treasures given to them by God for the purpose of exploiting East Asia, hiding behind the name of religion. In the Bible, it is said that ‘God opposes the proud’. The fact that they were defeated by the righteous advance of the Imperial Army and are now prisoners of war who have arrived in Korea, I believe that God has taken away their blessings”.

Heaven’s Punishment

Comments by Elder Seo

“It is a great joy to be able to use the British and American prisoners of war from the Greater East Asia War for the construction of East Asia in Korea. Of course, they should be defeated if they extend the evil hand of aggression in the name of religion. That is the punishment that Heaven has sent down. I can remember when I was in church and they were preaching the way of God with their mouths, but their attitude was always one of contempt. I have no doubt that we, the people of East Asia, should strive for the construction of Greater East Asia with a Japanized Christianity”. (Photo: Elder Seo)

Now I know the sins of my ancestral country

Englishwoman Maria’s Story of Repentance

By correspondents Suyama and Aoki

Maria Yarmouth Debritt (21), also known as Keiko Suzuki, whose parents are both British, has been living in Japan for over 20 years and is now making her own living running a coffee shop in Busan, in order to live strongly in accordance with her strange fate. When it was announced that the prisoners of war would arrive in Korea on the 24th, she told her defeated ancestral country about her joy of living in Japan.

“I was born in Kobe and grew up in Japan, and I imagined my ancestral country as though it was an illusion to me. But now, with this reality in front of my own eyes, I know East Asia more clearly, and I have come to know Japan as a country with a strong sense of justice. The sins of my ancestral country over the past several hundred years have been thrown off the face of the earth, along with their mask hiding their aggression in East Asia. I am determined to live my whole life in Japan, offering my gratitude for this great unfolding history, in which a brighter world will be built together with Japan”. (Photo: Keiko speaking)

Very moved to contribute to this country

Consul Zhou of the Republic of China

“By welcoming the British prisoners of war, we can clearly understand how bravely our friends of the Japanese military fought for the construction of Greater East Asia. Witnessing the capture of the British prisoners of war has become a splendid teaching tool for those who have little awareness of war, teaching them that ‘the war is something that should be won’. All the peoples of East Asia must cooperate with each other as much as the heroes on the front lines, and push forward to complete the objectives of the war with all the strength of our alliance. I am pleased to have the honor of expressing my feelings today in the same spirit as the Japanese people, who are my friends”. (Photo: Mr. Zhou Jiren)

Industrialization of Logistics in the South Pacific

The peninsula is the best place

Remarks by Mr. Hoshihiyoshi Konishi on his visit to Seoul

Naval Captain Hoshihiyoshi Konishi (51), a former researcher at the Planning Institute and managing director of the South Pacific Economic Research Institute, a foundation famous for its research on the South Pacific, came to Seoul on the 21st as a member of the Colonial Management Committee.

He visited Governor Koiso, and held various discussions on the issue of corporatization of South Pacific resources on the peninsula. On the 23rd, he visited his nephew Ukita at his lodgings in 46 Kitayonekura-cho, and we asked him about his visit to Korea. (Photo: Mr. Konishi speaking)

“I have a deep connection with Korea. Around the time of the Sino-Japanese War in 1894, my father came to Korea to advocate for the spread of the Imperial Way, and his relatives have lived here since then. That’s why this place is very nostalgic for me. I had visited here when I was in the naval academy and last June, but this time I wanted to do a field survey on the economic partnership between the peninsula and the South Pacific.

First of all, I think that the goods that Korea needs from the South Pacific are wood, rubber and iron. In particular, Korea has made great progress in the rubber industry, which is ideal. We should bring both wood and iron and industrialize them on a large scale. Also, I think it is urgent to send more and more settlers from Korea to the South Pacific, especially to Mindanao and New Guinea”.

Reporting about the situation on the ground

Association President Hada

To the Imperial Cooperation Conference

How is the total power movement in Japan proper becoming more active? How should the general movement in Korea make great strides in the future? With such aspirations for the management of the Association in mind, Lieutenant General Hada left Seoul at 14:40 on the 23rd on the Akatsuki train accompanied by Mr. Akita, Chief of the General Affairs Division, to attend the Central Cooperation Conference of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association and the Third Liaison Conference for the Imperial Supporters’ Movement for Japan and the Colonies to be held in Tokyo from the 26th to the 29th as a representative of Korea. Before his departure, the President said that he would bring back many gifts and that he had the following aspirations for his trip.

“The Central Cooperation Conference, which includes the principals of national schools and even the principals of girls’ schools, is truly a general meeting of the people. For this reason, Japan proper is a step ahead of Korea in terms of the total power movement reporting the situation on the ground to the higher-ups, and there is much to be heard.

Fortunately, I will be there as a representative of Korea, but I would like to listen to this conference from a Korea-centered standpoint, asking myself ‘How should I apply this?’ I am sure I will bring back many gifts. Representatives from Taiwan, the South Seas, Sakhalin Island, Kwantung Leased Territory, and other areas will gather at the liaison conference on October 1, and three representatives from Korea are scheduled to attend. The liaison conference has not yet reached the point where the various regions can come up with a comprehensive agenda and make it a movement at once”.

The president is scheduled to return to his post on October 5.

All the above photos have been censored and the articles have been approved by the Korean Army.


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